How To Order For Filipino Manpower

Procedures For Registering Your Company With The Philippine Overseas Employment Administration Thru Sacred Heart



Regulations of the Philippine Overseas Employment Administration require that prior to doing any acts of recruitment for foreign overseas manpower agencies, they must be registered thru a Philippine recruitment agency, with the POEA.


How to Begin

The foreign-based company is required to submit authenticated documents

Special power of attorney, manpower request, employment contract, and your business license.

Click on the above links to access samples of the above documents.

These documents must be authenticated with the Philippine Embassy nearest to the jobsite. We suggest that when the documents are notarized you call the Philippine Embassy to inquire on the procedures for authenticating such documents, for your convenience.


POEA mandated requirements for recruitment of Filipino workers

Airfare from Manila to jobsite (negotiable)

Free food and accommodation (negotiable)

Forty eight hours work per week

Vacation and sick leave benefits

Free health insurance

Life insurance valued at $10,000 which can be used in case of death for repatriation of remains to the Philippines


Required Information

If you are interested to inquire about manpower requirements from the Philippines, simply fill the form below:

Contact Person
Categories of Workers and number of workers per category
Kind of visa to be used

Job Description of Each Category and Job Requirements (Education)

When do you need the workers




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